JBC General Contractors Rebrand

A new name requires a new brand and new tools.


For over 20 years JBC had been building quality and confidence into every commercial construction project they took on. They had built a reputation of exceeding the client’s expectations on their projects, even as they faced unbelievable timelines and all the challenges that seem to creep into construction projects.

Taking an Iconic Power Bar into the Social Branding Sphere

Don't be afraid to proactively engage your audiences and embrace their independence.


Since Gary’s (Clif Bar founder) epiphany in 1990 and the subsequent launch of the CLIF Bar brand in 1992, CLIF Bar has experienced tremendous growth while defining a new market for energy bars. The energy bar market has become confusing and cluttered. CLIF Bar needs to be flexible and take advantage of new media opportunities to attract and connect with emerging audiences. Both new and existing target segments can be broken down into four groups: adventure, outdoor, busy lifestyle, and healthy lifestyle.

Road Rules 12-15

More of your favorite driving issues like driving in the left lane and turning into the correct lane.

Ferrari makes a bad turn

Road Rule #12: Parking lots are NOT a shortcut. It’s actually illegal to cut through a parking lot to avoid the light. How much time are you going to save? Thirty seconds? Wait in line like the rest of us and chill. Parking lots are already

The Outdoor Campaign Not Chosen

Sometimes good concepts end up on the cutting floor.

Mission Burrito Alternate Outdoor Board

What happens to all those creative concepts that aren’t chosen? The ones that clients are afraid to run with. They usually get saved to an obscure server archive somewhere never to see the light of day again. Some might resurface to be used for a more confident client. I’ve posted the Mission Burrito outdoor campaign that was actually chosen and ran in Houston, but what about the campaign they didn’t pick? Here’s the campaign that they felt was a little too risky.

New Website Brings Deep Imaging Technologies to the Surface

Clean and simple design lets game-changing technology fly under the radar.

Website for Deep Imaging Technologies. Innovative subsurface imaging for the oil and gas industry.

We recently launched a new website for Deep Imaging Technologies. They have developed technology and equipment that enhances the data collected by ground penetrating radar. Their patent-pending technologies, processing and imaging produces subsurface images with more

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