Mission Burrito Campaign


Mexican Restaurants, Inc. had recently purchased the Mission Burrito concept and planned to open three to four new stores within the next 12 months. They currently had two locations and suffered from a lack of awareness outside of the general vicinity of the two stores. In addition to in-store signage and messaging Mark Hayden and I created an outdoor campaign made up of six 48’ x 14’ outdoor boards that moved around Houston on a rotator program. These were designed as an awareness campaign and to establish brand personality, tone and attitude. I was responsible for art direction, photoshoot direction, design, final production and I partnered with Mark for message development.


Teens and young adults
Age 16-35
HH income $75+


Sometimes good concepts end up on the cutting floor.

What happens to all those creative concepts that aren’t chosen? The ones that clients are afraid to run with. They usually get saved to an obscure server archive somewhere never to see the light of day again. Some might resurface to be used for a more confident client. Above (right) is the Mission Burrito outdoor campaign that was actually chosen and ran in Houston, but what about the campaign they didn’t pick? Here’s the campaign that they felt was a little too risky.

This concept was based on the fact that their name AND logo — intended or not — has a religious reference. Why not embrace that perception and have a little fun with it, while exhibiting a bit of irreverence.